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Mexican Electoral Fraud Wins

It was no surprise on that the partial recount of about a "Cherrypicked" 9% of the ballots cast in the disputed presidential election held on July 2 showed ruling National Action Party (PAN) candidate still the winner.

The Mexico's Supreme Electoral Tribunal (aka "Trife") ignored the need for a total ballot recount demanded and instead relied on the small partial one it chose in areas of known Calderon strength making it unlikely from the start it would find enough of a change in the final tally to change the election result. Lopez Obrador aides cited evidence of overwhelming fraud in at least one-third of the polling stations.

So TRIFE invented a "decision" ignoring the juggernaut of facts, audio and video evidence, and public outrage. It shows Trife illegitimate, corrupt, and partisan as well.

Mexico’s Election Fraud is winning