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Video: Legislators injured in police assault

Mexican riot police used tear gas and clubs to drive back legislators and supporters in a pacific protest over electoral fraud outside Mexican Congress on Monday (August 14)

URL Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgehkQBJDxI

The fraud that took place in the July 2 election appears to have been widespread and varied in its forms. Ballot boxes from PRD strongholds have been found in a rubbish dump and electoral officials have been caught burning ballots. Numerous anomalies in the tallying of the votes have been pointed out, and suspicion has fallen on the software used by the IFE
The complaint the PRD submitted to the IFE presented evidence of fraud taking place at around 72,000 of the 130,000 polling places. Lopez Obrador demanded that the IFE order a complete recount of the vote.

Protests have taken place around the country. The largest have been in Mexico City, growing from around half a million on July 8, to a million on July 16 and possibly more than 2 million on July 30.

Great site! This will help a lot in future posts I do.

Hi, Señor Foxy! I have followed this story very closely, after reading some jaw-dropping nonsense in the WSJ, LA Times, and Washington Post.

So I've plunged into the Google videos and Mexican blogs and online newspapers, and my jaw just keeps dropping lower and lower.

But you know what really upsets me?

The involvement of many of the same political consultants and market-data firms that have been turning OUR elections into an antidemocratic swamp.

I am also more and more impressed by the energy of the Mexican "Netroots" and the courage and enterprise of journalists, the UNAM scientists, the students, and the folks on the Zócalo.

I wish AMLO understood a little better how his statements play abroad: It is very easy to paint you all as radicals when the papers can report him saying he won't accept any result that doesn't favor him.

On the other hand, the evidence does support his claims, and the revelations about Ahumada's dealins with PAN were a major coup. I'm beginning to see what you all up against.

Rhetoric aside, just can't see anything radical about wanting to count every vote, given the problems that have come to light.

If you are forced to camp out in the street to get your government to comply with the most basic principle of democracy, it seems to me that they're the radical not you.

It is hard to imagine why a political party would fight so hard to keep a candidate with 36% of the vote out of office, even when they can easily form a Congressonal alliance and keep him on a tight leash.

That's the way politics is supposed to go.

But then I think of folks like Tom deLay, and it's not so hard to imagine any more.

You guys really need a second round system like they have in Brazil (my wife is Brazilian and we live there part-time).

I wish you all the best.

Thanks for the possitive response.

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