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1,621,187  votes without sustain

The coalition led by the Democratic Revolution Party, which supports Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has officially demanded a full accounting on 72,197 polling stations, representing 55.33% of the polling stations nationwide.  This demand is based on findings of various inconsistencies and arithmetic mistakes in the Presidential Election tally sheets.  According to the Coalition, these tally sheets contain 1,621,187  votes without sustain, distributed as shown below:


The number of votes at stake is almost seven times the officially reported difference between the National Action candidate and the Coalition candidate (almost 244,000 votes).  This should be a good enough reason for the Electoral Tribunal to approve a nationwide recount.

An aproximate calculation of the number of votes received in these 72,197 polling stations can be made, based on the average values for the Presidential Election reported by the Federal Electoral Institute.  According to FEI, the average number of voters per polling station was 547 (71,374,373 voters distributed among 130,488 authorized polling stations).  The nationwide average of attendance was 58.55%.  Based on these figures, around 23,122,425 votes were received in the polling places whose tally sheets contain arithmethic mistakes. On the other hand, the Electoral Tribunal has hitherto authorized only the recount of ballots in 9.07% of the polling stations, that is 11,389 of them, accounting for 3,791,658 votes only.

Under these circumstances it is absolutely legitimate to demand a full accounting of the Presidential Election, as has been shown in several polls, with up to 72% of the participants supporting this demand, not to mention the more than 2 million people who attended the massive rally on July 30 in Mexico City, and the ones promoting the full recount both in other mexican cities and abroad.

Mexico has beefed up security at Mexico City airport, power plants and oil refineries in case the leftist protests spin out of control. The court has to decide by September 6 who is the definitive winner of the vote, which split Mexico along class lines

We need the goodwill and support of the international community.
Full data nationwide (spanish)